World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – W64

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Every single lifter made their opener in this A group and all but one got their second attempts to, meaning the competition moved quickly.

Most lifters were done on snatches by the time the likely medalists came out. Loredana Toma (ROU), Rim Un Sim (PRK) and Deng Wei (CHN) all lifted within a kilo of each other on first and second attempts, leaving third attempts to decide the medals.

Rim Un Sim went first, hitting 114. Toma then asked for 116 to try to take Deng Wei’s world record. Despite having hit it in the training hall a few days ago, she could not make it stick. That left Deng Wei to attempt to extend her own record, which she duly did. She looked like there were a few more kilos in the tank even.

Clean and jerks were about two competitions. One was between most of the athletes for the silver and bronze medals. The other was just Deng Wei against her own medals. Everyone else had finished lifting when Deng opened on 138. She then took 143 on her second attempt to extend her clean and jerk and total world records.

Normally athletes finish when they have broken the records, declining further attempts. Unusually, Deng asked for the bar to be raised to 145 kilos. She completed the lift like it was routine, extending her clean and jerk world record and pushing her total record to 261.

It is a measure of the dominance of the Chinese lifter that Rim Un Sim (PRK) put in a brilliant 6/6 performance but still finished ten kilos back from Deng in the total.

It is a shame that Deng has no competition – we will probably never find out what she is really capable of.

New Records

  • World record snatch – Deng Wei (CHN) 116
  • World record clean and jerk – Deng Wei (CHN) 143 (later broken)
  • World record total – Deng Wei (CHN) 259 (later broken)
  • World record clean and jerk – Deng Wei (CHN) 145
  • World record total – Deng Wei (CHN) 261


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldDeng Wei (CHN) – 116Deng Wei (CHN) – 145Deng Wei (CHN) – 261
SilverRim Un Sim (PRK) – 114Rim Un Sim (PRK) – 137Rim Un Sim (PRK) – 251
BronzeLoredana Toma (ROU) – 112Mercedes Perez Tigrero (COL) – 132Loredana Toma (ROU) – 240

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1DENG WeiCHN108113116138143145261
2RIM Un SimPRK108112114130134137251
3PEREZ TIGRERO Mercedes IsabelCOL102x106106128132135241
4TOMA Loredana-ElenaROU107112x116x127x127128240
5LEPSA Irina-LacramioaraROU103106109126x132x132235
6CHARRON Maude GCAN100103x106123127x130230
7DAVIES SarahGBR9598x100124x129x130222
8LLAMOSA MOSQUERA NathaliaCOL98102x104120x125x125222
9SASSER Mathlynn LangtorUSA96100x103x125x126x127

A Group Start List

RIM Un SimPRK245
TOMA Loredana-ElenaROU240
PEREZ TIGRERO Mercedes IsabelCOL237
LEPSA Irina-LacramioaraROU235
SASSER Mathlynn LangtorUSA232

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