World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – W71

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This A group was unusual so far in this World Championships by not having any Chinese lifters in it, most likely because the non-Olympic status of the category. It was also the first real chance for the USA to claim medals, with Katherine Nye and Matty Rogers both writing in openers that looked like only Kim Hyo Sim (PRK) would be up against them for gold.

Seyedehelham Hosseini (IRI) was notable for being the first Iranian women to appear in an A group at the world championships.

Outside of the three athletes with the biggest openers, Emily Godley (GBR) hit a 100 snatch and Anastasiia Anzorova (RUS) got 99 to position themselves well if the frontrunners slipped up. Anzorova got 102 overhead but it was overturned by the jury for a press-out.

Matty Rogers (USA) was the first to claim a medal, with her 103 opener. Kim Hyo Sim (PRK) took 106 to overtake her. Katherine Nye (USA) tried the same weight but missed it, dropping it behind.

Rogers sensed an opportunity and took 106 on her second attempt, hitting it confidently to stake her claim to the silver medal. However, Nye had other ideas, hitting 107 to move ahead. A miss from Rogers at 108 took the pressure off Nye’s third attempt.

Kim Hyo Sim (PRK) watched the USA lifters duke it out and then took 110 for her second attempt, hitting it to force Bye to take at least 111 on her third attempt to have a chance of gold. She pushed to 112 for an attempt at the junior world record snatch. She absolutely nailed it, putting the pressure back on the Korean.

Kim, apparently suffering from a foot injury, came out for 113 but couldn’t get it overhead, meaning that the Katherine Nye (USA) took the snatch gold.

The two snatch medals for the USA meant that there would be two USA lifters on a world podium for the first time in twenty-five years.

On clean and jerks, it quickly became apparent that Kim Hyo Sim’s injury was continuing to cause her problems. She opened light (for her) at 120, missed 125 and then declined her third attempt. That left the way clear for the USA lifters to have a battle between themselves for gold and silver medals and for someone else to challenge for the podium.

It was Emily Godley (GBR) who stepped up from the pack to hit 124 and 126 to claim a clean and jerk medal. She even had a shot at 131 for a total medal. No British lifter has won a world medal since 1994, so this was a huge achievement for Emily.

That left the two USA lifters to decide which medal would go where. Matty Rogers hit 130 and 134 but missed 137. This was Kate Nye’s day though. She hit 131 and 136 to claim gold, before trying 141 for a junior total world record. She couldn’t take the record but was clearly delighted to finish as world champion.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldKatherine Nye (USA) – 112Katherine Nye (USA) – 136Katherine Nye (USA) – 248
SilverKim Hyo Sim (PRK) – 110Matty Rogers (USA) – 134Matty Rogers (USA) – 240
BronzeMatty Rogers (USA) – 106Emily Godley (GBR) – 126Kim Hyo Sim (PRK) – 230

New Records

Junior world record snatch – Katherine Nye (USA) – 112

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1NYE Katherine ElizabethUSAx106107112131136x141248
2ROGERS Martha AnnUSA103106x108130134x137240
3KIM Hyo SimPRK106110x113120x125230
4GODLEY Emily VictoriaGBR9497100124126x131226
5ANZOROVA AnastasiiaRUS9599x102120x126x128219
6LAYLOR Maya CelesteCAN94x97x97120x124x126214
7BYKOVA YekaterinaKAZ8891x93117120x124211
8MACROHON KristelPHI90x95x95120x125x125210
9TRETIACOVA EcaterinaMDA889294110114x116208
10WIOR Jolanta MalgorzataPOLx919193x111x111111204
11RUBANOVICH Nikol BellaISR9396x98105108x108204
12HOSSEINI SeyedehelhamIRI83x90x91103108x112191

A Group Start List

NYE Katherine ElizabethUSA246
ROGERS Martha AnnUSA238
KIM Hyo SimPRK235
ANZOROVA AnastasiiaRUS235
GODLEY Emily VictoriaGBR227
BYKOVA YekaterinaKAZ225
LAYLOR Maya CelesteCAN223
WIOR Jolanta MalgorzataPOL215
HOSSEINI SeyedehelhamIRI206

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