World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – W81

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This A group looked like being extremely tight. On snatches, nine lifters planned to open between 100 and 105. There were even 110 (from Ankhtsetseg Munkhjantsan MGL) and 111 (Lee Jieun KOR) snatches from the B group that looked like they might potentially come into play.

Three lifters opened at 105 – Lidia Valentin Perez (ESP), Leidy Solis Arboleda (COL) and Darya Naumava (BLR). Kim Suhyeon (KOR), however, waited and didn’t come out until the bar reached 106. She succeeded to take the early advantage, over the other A group lifters at least.

Plenty of made lifts brought most lifters up to around 106 with their second attempts, including Jenny Arthur (USA) and Dayana Chirinos Leon (VEN). A slip up from any of the favourites would give any of a handful of lifters a chance at a medal with their final snatch.

Valentin made 108 on second attempt but Leidy Solis Arboleda (COL) couldn’t follow up her strong opener and failed at 108 on her second attempt. She missed it on her third attempt as well, likely putting her out of the running for the total. Darya Naumava (BLR) opted to take 109 to open up a slender lead. She made the lift but the jury wanted to take a look. Fortunately for her, they were not unanimous and the lift stood.

Kim Suhyeon (KOR) took the heaviest second attempt at 110, but couldn’t get the lockout and almost ended up placing the bar on the top of her head. It was looking increasingly likely that the snatches from the B group would hold up for medals. Kim Suhyeon then took 111, meaning her teammate Lee was guaranteed a medal. She got it, possibly not getting a snatch medal but putting her in a good position for the total.

Lidia Valentin couldn’t manage 112 on her third attempt. Neither could Darya Naumava (BLR), meaning that the gold and bronze snatch medals went to the top two B group lifters.

On clean and jerks, the B group lifts were not as strong, so it was left to the A group lifters to battle for the medals.

Kim Suhyeon (KOR), who favourite to take clean and jerk and total golds, missed her first two lifts at 137. Then, on her thrid attempt, she failed again despite a brave effort during which she chased the bar all the way to the corner of the platform. She had already used her challenge card unsuccessfully so could not appeal the press out decision.

With Kim bombing out, the opportunity was presented for any of four lifters to grab gold. Lidia Valentin Perez (ESP) was first to stake her claim, hitting 138 to put up a 246 total.

Jenny Arthur (USA) was content to take 139 for a 245 total and. She got it ot guarantee a clean and jerk medal and sat second in total.

Dayana Chirinos Leon (VEN) couldn’t hit 139, so she missed out on the medals. That left the final lifter, Leidy Solis Arboleda (COL), with an all-or-nothing lift at 142. Missing it would have left her with no medals. However, she hit it to take clean and jerk and total golds and become the world champion, beating the previous champion Lidia Valentin by one kilo.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldLee Jieun (KOR) – 111Leidy Solis Arboleda (COL) – 142Leidy Solis Arboleda (COL) – 247
SilverKim Suhyeon (KOR) – 111Jenny Arthur (USA) – 139Lidia Valentin Perez (ESP) – 238
BronzeAnkhtsetseg Munkhjantsan – MGLLidia Valentin Perez (ESP) – 138Jenny Arthur (USA) – 139

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1SOLIS ARBOLEDA Leidy YesseniaCOL105x108x108136139142247
2VALENTIN PEREZ LidiaESP105108x112130134138246
3ARTHUR Jenny LyvetteUSA102106x110x132134139245
4NAUMAVA DaryaBLR105109x112135x138x138244
5CHIRINOS LEON Dayana AracelisVEN103x106106133136x139242
6RIVAS MOSQUERA ValeriaCOL102106x108126130132238
7TORRES WONG AnacarmenMEXx101101x103130133x136234
8HAKOBYAN TatevARM100x105105115121x125226
9GARZA GARZA AlejandraMEX97100x103123x126x126223
10KIM SuhyeonKOR106x110111x137x137x138

A Group Start List

KIM SuhyeonKOR250
ARTHUR Jenny LyvetteUSA245
CHIRINOS LEON Dayana AracelisVEN243

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