Lasha Talakhadze heaviest training hall total ever

Lasha Talakhadze Hits the Heaviest Training Hall Total Ever

The Georgian superstar Lasha Talakhadze turned up to the training hall yesterday and put on a show. After hitting 200 kg in the snatch for a ‘double’ (15s rest), he hit 210 kg for two singles, equal to the heaviest training hall snatch ever. This is the type of snatch that the greatest super heavyweights of all-time hit once or twice in 3-for-3 meets. For Lasha, this was a calculated, controlled session.

In the clean & jerk, Lasha jumped up from 240 kg to 255 kg for a 465 kg total. To put this total into perspective, this 465 kg would win Lasha gold medals at the following Olympic Games:

2012 Salimi 455⁣ kg
2008 Steiner 461⁣ kg
1996 Chemerkin 457.5⁣ kg
1992 Kurlovich 450⁣ kg
1988 Kurlovich 462.5 kg OR⁣
1984 Lukin 412.5 kg
1980 Rakhmanov 440 kg

… and so on⁣

In fact, the first person to ever total 465kg was Alexander Gunyashev (USSR) in Reims back in the early 80s!⁣

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