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World Championships 2019 – W59

Snatches started really well in the Women’s 59 kg A group. There were nine good lifts before Zoe Smith (GBR) missed 96 on her second attempt. Every lifter apart from Boyanka Kostova (AZE) made their openers. Sadly, Kostova went on to bomb out, missing 103 three times, looking nothing like the lifter she was a few years ago, when she snatched 112 as a 58.

The battle for snatch gold came down to Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) and Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE), the world record holder. It was all about who made their lifts and Kuo blinked first, missing her second attempt at 106 and having to be content to hit it on her third, equalling her world record. The North Korean showed why consistency is so important by going 3/3, hitting 107 in her third attempt to claim the snatch world record and the gold here.

Clean and jerks featured just nine missed lifts from the ten athletes, three of them from Maria Lobon Viafara (COL) who bombed. Three lifters went 3/3 – Rebeka Koha (LAT) and the two front runners, Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) and Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE).

The Taipei and Korean lifters pushed each other all the way, so it seemed inevitable that a world record clean and jerk would be required to win gold. As it turned out, even a world record was not enough. Choe hit 138 on her third attempt to set new clean and jerk and total world records. However, Kuo had a lift remaining, which she used to hit 140 to reclaim her world records and take the gold in clean and jerk and total.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldChoe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 107Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 140Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 246
SilverKuo Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 106Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 138Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 245
BronzeChen Guiming (CHN) – 101Chen Guiming (CHN) – 132Chen Guiming (CHN) – 233

New Records

  • Snatch world record – Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 107
  • Clean and jerk world record – Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 138 (later broken)
  • Total world record – Choe Hyo Sim (PRK) – 245 (later broken)
  • Clean and jerk world record – Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 140
  • Total world record – Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 246

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1KUO Hsing-ChunTPE103x106106133137140246
2CHOE Hyo SimPRK100104107130135138245
3CHEN GuimingCHN97101x103127132x138233
4SILGADO ATENCIO Rosive AndreaCOL9396x98121126x128222
5ANDOH MikikoJPN9396x98123126x128222
6SMITH ZoeGBR93x96x96119x123123216
7KOHA RebekaLAT929597112115118215
8GOMEZ VALDIVIA JanethMEX9295x98114118x121213
9KOSTOVA Boyanka MinkovaAZEx103x103x103120x125
10LOBON VIAFARA Maria CamilaCOL95x98x98x120x120x120

A Group Start List

CHOE Hyo SimPRK240
KUO Hsing-ChunTPE230
KOSTOVA Boyanka MinkovaAZE235
CHEN GuimingCHN230
KOHA RebekaLAT222
ANDOH MikikoJPN225

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