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World Championships 2019 – Day 9 Roundup


The snatches in this A group started as a bit of a bloodbath, with just four of the first eleven lifts successful, one athlete bombing and another withdrawing after missing their opener. Akbar Djuraev (UZB) did manage to extend his junior world snatch record to 188.

Things settled down when the main contenders for medals came to the platform, with Yang Zhe (CHN), Andrei Aramnau (BLR) and Simon Martirosyan (ARM) all making their openers. Defending world champion Martirosyan went heaviest, with 190.

Rodion Bochkov (RUS) had an attempt to break into the top three but missed 192. With all the other lifters finished on snatches, it was down to the big three to settle the medals.

With three lifts remaining, it looked like we were going to see three world record attempts. Yang Zhe (CHN) was first up for 197, getting it to exceed the world standard and set the world record. Andrei Aramnau (BLR) was next, trying 198 to claim the record for himself. He got it and Yang had to hand his record over after holding it for just a couple of minutes. One lifter remained though. Simon Martirosyan (ARM) put 199 on the bar, snatched it and stood up to take Aramnau’s world record for himself.

The clean and jerks were different in a couple of ways. Firstly, they began with a string of made lifts – eleven good lifts before the first failure. Secondly, we did not see the close contest for gold that we had enjoyed on snatches.

Yang Zhe (CHN) slipped up, missing 227 on third attempt while Andrei Aramnau (BLR) went 6/6, hitting 228 to go ahead.

Akbar Djuraev (UZB) extended his junior clean and jerk and total records, with a 229 clean and jerk, giving him a 417 total and a guaranteed clean and jerk medal.

There was only one contender for gold though. Simon Martirosyan (ARM) opened after everyone had finished, hitting 230 for clean and jerk and total gold medals. He then attempted 241 to extend his world records. He stood the clean up but the effort was too much and he didn’t even attempt the jerk. He declined his third attempt.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldSimon Martirosyan (ARM) – 199Simon Martirosyan (ARM) – 230Simon Martirosyan (ARM) – 429
SilverAndrei Aramnau (BLR) – 198Akbar Djuraev (UZB) – 229Andrei Aramnau (BLR) – 426
BronzeYang Zhe (CHN) – 197Andrei Aramnau (BLR) – 228Yang Zhe (CHN) – 420

New records

  • World Junior snatch record – Akbar Djuraev (UZB) 188
  • World snatch record – Yang Zhe (CHN) 197 (later broken)
  • World snatch record – Andrei Aramnau (BLR) 198 (later broken)
  • World snatch record – Simon Martirosyan (ARM) 199
  • World Junior clean and jerk record 226 (later broken)
  • World Junior total record 414 (later broken)
  • World Junior clean and jerk record – Akbar Djuraev (UZB) 229
  • World Junior total record – Akbar Djuraev (UZB) 417


This group had an out-and-out favourite in Wang Zhouyu (CHN), who planned to open nearly ten kilos heavier than her nearest competitor on snatch. Assuming she delivered, the other medals would likely be contested by Kim Un Ju (PRK), Maria Valdes Paris (CHI) and Naryury Perez Reveron (VEN).

Snatches turned out pretty much as expected. All of the main contenders hit their openers and second attempts but missed their third. Even had they gone 3/3, none of the other lifters would have matched the 120 that Wang Zhouyu (CHN) made on her second attempt. Kim Un Ju (PRK) took silver unopposed with 115 but there was a South American battle for bronze between Naryury Perez Reveron (VEN), Tamara Salazar Arce (ECU) and Maria Valdes Paris (CHI). The Venezuelan came through with her 110 after the others missed 111.

There was a nasty-looking injury for Lo Ying-Yuan (TPE) who hurt her elbow attempting 109. She was taken to hospital with suspected ligament damage.

On clean and jerks, the South American battle for bronze medals was resumed. This time, Tamara Salazar Arce (ECU) came out best, hitting 144 to claim both clean and jerk and total medals.

Kim Un Ju (PRK) needed to go big if she wanted to catch Wang Zhouyu (CHN) in the total. She opened last, on 148 and waited to see what Wang, who hit 147 on her opener, would do on her second attempt.

A successful 153 for Wang made it look hard for Kim to make up the deficit from snatch. It looked like she would have to settle for fighting for the clean and jerk gold. She hit 154 to put her in position to take advantage if the Chinese lifter missed her last attempt.

Wang took 158, looking to put the total beyond doubt. After a successful lift, her 278 total seemed unassailable. Kim was left to try 159 to take clean and jerk gold. It was too much for her, leaving Wang with a clean sweep of the gold medals.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldWang Zhouyu (CHN) – 120Wang Zhouyu (CHN) – 158Wang Zhouyu (CHN) – 278
SilverKim Un Ju (PRK) – 115Kim Un Ju (PRK) – 154Kim Un Ju (PRK) – 269
BronzeNaryury Perez Reveron (VEN) – 110Tamara Salazar Arce (ECU) – 144Tamara Salazar Arce (ECU) – 252

Latest Medal Table

2DPR Korea7125
6South Korea220
8Chinese TaiPei210
21Saudi Arabia002
27Great Britain001

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