Olympic Qualifying At The End Of Q2

The second of three six-month qualifying periods for the weightlifting at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games finished at the end of October 2019. With just one period to go, we are starting to get a sense of who is likely to qualify for the games.

We ran the current ranking data through the allocation process that will be used in six months time to decide who is offered slots in Tokyo. While there will be changes between now and then (in particular, there are several athletes who are not yet eligible for an Olympic category who we expect to change that), it is likely that many of the athletes on these lists will be heading to Japan in July next year.

We’ll be providing more analysis of this over the coming days, particularly for countries that are going to have some tough choices to make as it looks like they will exceed their maximum quota of athletes.

Our lists are divided by weight category:

Men’s Categories

Women’s Categories

If you spot any errors in our data please let us know!

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