Tokyo 2020 Qualifying – M81 After Q2

Here is what the qualifying situation looks like for the M81 category if the allocation system is applied to the rankings for eligible athletes at the end of the second qualifying period.

The top eight athletes in the one-athlete-per-nation world rankings are allocated places, along with the next best athlete from each continent. A final place will go to either an athlete from the host nation (Japan) or be awarded by the Tripartite Commission. See our qualifying guide for the full details.

Note that these rankings will likely change during the third qualifying period and athletes who have earned Robi points in other categories may become eligible for this category. Some of the athletes listed here may not be selected if their country is offered more places than their maximum quota. Those slots would then be reallocated, meaning that athletes lower down the ranking may get a slot.

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldLI DayinCHN3,449.9800
WorldANDREEV Bozhidar DimitrovBUL3,133.0568
WorldRODALLEGAS CARVAJAL Brayan SantiagoCOL3,105.6116
WorldREJEPOV RejepbayTKM3,025.3265
WorldWON JeongsikKOR3,001.0497
WorldPIZZOLATO AntoninoITA2,912.1549
WorldBONNAT MICHEL ZacariasDOM2,892.2601
WorldSUHAREVS RitvarsLAT2,820.7251
Continental – Pan-AmericaMAURUS Harrison JamesUSA2,814.5822
Continental – EuropeMATA PEREZ Andres EduardoESP2,777.9709
Continental – AsiaULANOV DenisKAZ2,637.3575
Continental – AfricaBAHLOUL RamziTUN2,128.2206
Continental – OceanaWAKELING Brandon DeanAUS1,707.4733
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes just need to overtake the athlete in their continental slot to get a place.

EuropeASAYONAK PetrBLR2,777.9094
Pan-AmericaMENDEZ PEREZ ArleyCHI2,657.7403
AsiaSINGH AjayIND2,286.7490
AfricaNJOYA Ahmed ValdyCMR1,654.7950
OceanaMCTAGGART Cameron DavidNZL1,600.5270

Need to beat teammate

These athletes need to overtake an athlete from their own country in order to get a place.

AsiaLYU XiaojunCHN3,252.0513
Pan-AmericaSOLIS ARBOLEDA Juan FelipeCOL2,751.7246

Best of the Rest

EuropeMUELLER NicoGER2,759.0331
EuropeLANG Max RichardGER2,586.0095
EuropeQERIMAJ ErkandALB2,541.9100
EuropeLOZKA IharBLR2,529.5723
EuropeHARUTYUNYAN RafikARM2,522.0670

Note – Egyptian athletes have been removed from the rankings. Although they intend to appeal against their national suspension, it seems likely that they will not be eligible.

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