Tokyo 2020 Qualifying – W76 After Q2

Here is what the qualifying situation looks like for the W76 category if the allocation system is applied to the rankings for eligible athletes at the end of the second qualifying period.

The top eight athletes in the one-athlete-per-nation world rankings are allocated places, along with the next best athlete from each continent. A final place will go to either an athlete from the host nation (Japan) or be awarded by the Tripartite Commission. See our qualifying guide for the full details.

Note that these rankings will likely change during the third qualifying period and athletes who have earned Robi points in other categories may become eligible for this category. Some of the athletes listed here may not be selected if their country is offered more places than their maximum quota. Those slots would then be reallocated, meaning that athletes lower down the ranking may get a slot.

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldRIM Jong SimPRK3,397.5612
WorldZHANG WangliCHN3,348.7573
WorldNYE Katherine ElizabethUSA2,723.4473
WorldDAJOMES BARRERA Neisi PatriciaECU2,559.4877
WorldFUENTES ZAVALA AremiMEX2,369.2372
WorldSOLIS ARBOLEDA Leidy YesseniaCOL2,301.8088
WorldKIM SuhyeonKOR2,171.7682
WorldVALENTIN PEREZ LidiaESP2,145.5486
Continental – EuropeNAUMAVA DaryaBLR2,099.6052
Continental – Pan-AmericaNGARLEM KristelCAN1,810.8415
Continental – AsiaKADYROVA GulnabatTKM1,631.3440
Continental – OceanaANDREWS-NAHU Kanah ShenelleNZL1,283.7131
Continental – AfricaEYENGA MBOOSI Jeanne GaelleCMR1,018.5900
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes just need to overtake the athlete in their continental slot to get a place.

EuropeDEKHA IrynaUKR2,009.1165
Pan-AmericaAGUILERA PENA Melisa MaidaCUB1,699.6966
AsiaKAMIYA AyumiJPN1,573.9635
OceanaDAVIES Stephanie LisaAUS1,124.1350
AfricaSUNEE Alison Marie LeroyMRI930.9459

Need to beat teammate

These athletes need to overtake an athlete from their own country in order to get a place.

AsiaWANG ZhouyuCHN2,922.1738
Pan-AmericaROGERS Martha AnnUSA2,451.8133
Pan-AmericaARTHUR Jenny LyvetteUSA2,082.8325
Pan-AmericaRIVAS MOSQUERA ValeriaCOL1,814.2095
AsiaSU XiaoqiongCHN1,740.9510

Best of the Rest

EuropeSTRENIUS Patricia CarolineSWE1,989.4470
EuropeROMANOVA AnastasiiaRUS1,664.9733
Pan-AmericaMERINO TORANZO YaneysiCUB1,645.5192
EuropeNARIN DilaraTUR1,607.9865
AsiaBYKOVA YekaterinaKAZ1,542.7415

Note – Egyptian athletes have been removed from the rankings. Although they intend to appeal against their national suspension, it seems likely that they will not be eligible.

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