Lu Xiaojun and Tian Tao Chinese Training Session at the 2019 World Championships

Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, Yang Zhe, Heavy Training Session | 2019 WWC

Whilst at the 2019 World Championships we filmed a full training session featuring the three world record holders Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and Yang Zhe.

Lu Xiaojun (81), eleven-time world record holder, Olympic champion, and five-time World Champion, worked up in the back squat to a heavy single of 270 kg, 35 kg less than his best-ever single of 305 kg. Lu finished up with some accessories, including strict press, hip extensions, crunches, and the exercise for which he became best known, Lu raises.

Tian Tao (96), clean & jerk world record holder, 2016 Olympic silver medalist, and 2019 World Champion, performed his final ‘heavy’ snatch session, working up to what would be his final warm-up lift in the back-room on the day of his competition. He finished up with some pulls.

Yang Zhe (109), who would break the world record in the snatch just five days after this session, also worked up to his final back-room lift at 180kg, around 90% of his best snatch.

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