Lasha Talakhadze snatches 200kg, clean and jerks 230kg, and back squats 285kg

Lasha Talakhadze (GEO +109) 200 kg Snatch, 230 kg Clean & Jerk, 285 kg Squats | Full Training Session

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In 2016 at the Olympics Lasha’s 473 kg total overtook the best of Alexander Kurlovich of the Soviet Union.

By the 2017 World Championships, Lasha totaled 477 kg, moving beyond the strongest ever, Leonid Taranenko, also of the Soviet Union, into the unknown.

Lasha is his own Roger Banister, not only the first to break the 476 kg total of Taranenko that had, for nearly 30 years, remained unbeatable, but also moving beyond that total, out into the unknown with no sign of slowing down. In fact, if anything he seems to be speeding up.

At the 2019 European Championships Lasha totaled 478 kilos, and then at the 2019 World Championships, 5 days after this very training session, Lasha jumped up by a further 6 kilos to 484 kg, separating himself from names like Anatoly Pisarenko and Hossein Rezazadeh by 19 kg and 11.5 kg respectively.

500 kg is a total that has always been regarded as an absolute ceiling of human capability in weightlifting, a total that no one would ever be able to touch. With Lasha now towering above the limits of history, we are seeing for the first time someone who is heading towards this ceiling, full steam ahead.

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