Results and start list of the 5th International Fajr Cup weightlifting competition

5th International Fajr Cup | Results & Start List

The 5th International Fajr Cup is an Olympic Qualification Event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and will run from the 1st to the 5th of February 2020 in Rasht, Iran.

This competition is a silver tier event, meaning that it offers athletes a 5% Robi point bonus. As the clock to Tokyo runs down, this is one of the last silver tier events available for many athletes to compete at before the gold tier continental championships in April.

Thank you to the Iranian Weightlifting Federation for providing Weightlifting House with the results of this competition. You can follow their Instagram page here.

Start List


61kg Men | WRs 145/174/318

GHASHGHAEI HafezIRI115/120/123150/160/?280
RUSEV AngelBUL105/110/113135/143/147257

67kg Men | WRs 155/188/339

EKO Yuli IrawanINA133/138/142165/172/172310
DENI DeniINA125/130/130155/160/?285
SEZER BunyamiTUR124/128/131142/147/148276
MUNKHDUL EnkhjargalMGL116/121/121138/143/148259
ZAID NemerJOR90/95/95115/122/127217

73kg Men | WRs 168/198/363

TRIYATNO TriyatnoINA136/140/140170/175/175306
MOHAMMED AhmeedIRQ120/127/130150/167/?297

81kg Men | WRs 173/207/378

SAFFA AljumailiIRQ151/156/159192/196/201355
BEYTULA YnderBUL150/155/158188/191/195353
SOLTANI HosseinIRI146/152/157185/190/195347
ANDRANIK KarapetyanARM150/160/165180/185/190345
OHAB Md AdulBAN100/110/110120/130/140230
DACIC AlemBIH85/90/90105/110/110200
AHMED Al HusseinIRQ137/141/141175/175/175
NJAYA Ahmed ValdyCMR120/121/121160/165/165
ERDOGDU CelilTUR-/-/--/-/-

96kg Men | WRs 186/231/416

RASULBEKOV BekdoolotKGZ161/165/165196/202/206371
MKRtchyan HakobARM155/160/160190/202/203345
RAAD Al-SallajJOR100/105/107125/130/130225
ROSTAMI KianoushIRI175/175/177215/225/-
DEHDAR RezaIRI156/161/161195/196/201

109kg Men | WRs 199/240/435

Full results breakdown to come

HASHEMI AliIRI160/167/173200/205/215388
HOGHOUGI AmirIRI153/160/165193/201/203363
NGADJA PericlexCMR147/156/160185/195/201351
JASSIM Abbood SalwanIRQ140/150/-190/202/202352

+109kg Men | WRs 220/264/484

DAVOUDI AliIRI190/197/201234/240/-441
MARTIROSYAN SimonARM180/190/190220/230/235410
TOLLEFSEN Kim EirikNOR140/150/155180/-/-330

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