Dr Quinn Henoch on weightlifting programming and when to deload

Dr. Quinn Henoch | When does the Progression End?

When it comes to writing or following a weightlifting program, weightlifters often find themselves adding weight or volume every single week, arbitrarily deloading every fourth week, operating within a 3-1 mesocycle paradigm.

But does it have to be this way?

If not, then at what point do we cash in our chips and deload, ‘saving’ our progress before we continue on?

When do we decide to push on for one further week in the hopes of heavier numbers?

Dr. Quinn Henoch is Weightlifting House’s go-to when it comes to theorizing on difficult programming topics. His critical and logical thought process allows us to get closer to the truth.


Quinn earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Indiana University. He currently works with athletes of all levels and has competed in weightlifting since 2010. Quinn started Clinical Athlete, a network of health care providers, students, and coaches who specialize in the management of athletes.

Quinn Henoch is often praised for his ability to bridge the world of Strength and Conditioning with Physical Rehabilitation. Those fields are normally seen as separate, with therapists staying on their side and the strength coaches on the other.

We are now realizing that those fields, in fact, are not mutually exclusive. Reducing an athlete’s risk of injury or returning them from a set-back frequently relies on managing training variables. Quinn has been producing content geared towards illustrating this and bringing awareness to strength athletes and physical therapists alike.

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