IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan investigated on claims of corruption

WL News | Thailand Resigns, McLaren Hired to Investigate the IWF, the Fajr Cup, & Huge Training Lifts

The weightlifting world went through a lot over the last seven days:

  • The entire Thai board resigned from their positions after claims of drug abuse and corruption made by the recent German TV documentary The Lord of the Lifters
  • The IWF appointed Professor Richard H. McLaren to investigate claims made by the recent German documentary of corruption by IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan
  • The Fajr Cup took place – Results
  • Olympic medalist Kianoush Rostami bombed out of the Fajr Cup, reducing his already dwindling hopes of Olympic qualification substantially
  • Junior World Record holder Ali Davoudi hit all new personal bests at the Fajr Cup, with a 201 kg snatch and a 240kg clean and jerk
  • The rest of the world trained hard in preparation for the continental championships

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