Can I be a weightlifting coach? What personality type is best for becoming a weightlifting coach?

Does Success in Coaching Attract a Particular Personality Type?

Have you ever wondered any of the following?

  • Is there a certain personality type that is attracted to coaching weightlifting?
  • Are there differences in personality between elite and recreational coaches?
  • Are their personalities that are biased towards a particular trait, but not others (i.e. extraversion or agreeableness)? 

This is a topic we set out to examine and understand. 

Our survey is being conducted to investigate the personality profiles of weightlifting coaches, specifically those of differing skill levels. 

The first few questions of the survey will be used to collect, anonymous, personal data to help stratify coaches according to their current level of coaching success. 

The remaining majority of the form is comprised of the Big Five personality inventory. This particular inventory uses a 1-5 scale (1. Very Inaccurate, 2. Moderately Inaccurate, 3. Neither Accurate Nor Inaccurate, 4. Moderately Accurate, or 5. Very Accurate), assessing five basic personality traits (1. Extraversion, 2. Agreeableness, 3. Conscientiousness, 4. Emotional Stability, or 5. Intellect/Imagination). 

For the coaches taking the survey, we would like you to answer as accurately and honestly as possible, describing yourself as you are now, and not as you wish to be. All data is anonymous and only the results of the Big Five inventory and basic personal information (age, sex, country, etc.) will be published. 

Who can take the survey? Any/all weightlifting coaches

What is the estimated time to complete the survey? 5-10 minutes

This is where you can find the survey to contribute to our research: 

If you are interested in taking part, please click the link below.

Thanks for your help!

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