Tokyo 2020 Qualification Standings – W64

These details are built from the IWF qualification rankings as they stood on 2nd April 2021

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldDENG WeiCHN5,053.7746
WorldRIM Un SimPRK4,029.4007
WorldPEREZ TIGRERO Mercedes IsabelCOL3,622.3315
WorldCHARRON Maude GCAN3,474.1551
WorldSASSER Mathlynn LangtorUSA3,175.4908
WorldBORDIGNON GiorgiaITA3,134.4415
WorldRODRIGUEZ MITJAN Marina De La CaridadCUB3,051.2816
WorldDAVIES SarahGBR3,041.7071
Continental – Pan-AmericaGOMEZ VALDIVIA JanethMEX3,021.3063
Continental – AsiaCHEN Wen-HueiTPE2,929.0487
Continental – EuropeTCHAKOUNTE Dora MeiriamaFRA2,885.1011
Continental – OceanaELLIOTT Kiana RoseAUS2,546.9788
Continental – AfricaRAHMOUNI ChaimaTUN2,348.0872
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes are the next in line to move up into a continental slot

AsiaFAYZULLAEVA KumushkhonUZB2,904.6231
EuropeLEVENT NurayTUR2,648.6157
Pan-AmericaPALACIOS DAJOMES Angie PaolaECU2,448.6551
OceanaSIGNAL Megan AnnNZL2,180.9499
AfricaPRETORIUS MonaRSA1,823.8277

Behind a teammate

These athletes could get a place if an athlete that is ahead of them from their country is not selected by their NOC (for example because of injury)

AsiaHUANG TingCHN3,679.9955
Pan-AmericaSILGADO ATENCIO Rosive AndreaCOL2,765.8469
AsiaKIM Hyo SimPRK2,759.5861

Best of the Rest

AsiaHALDER RakhiIND2,764.4062
EuropeVUOHIJOKI Anni Teija OrvokkiFIN2,587.8565
EuropeALTUN BerfinTUR2,567.3350
AsiaANDO Elreen AnnPHI2,553.4795
AsiaFATTOUH Mahassen HalaLBN2,535.9152

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