Tokyo 2020 Qualification Standings – W87+

These details are built from the IWF qualification rankings as they stood on 19th March 2020.

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldLI WenwenCHN4,479.4159
WorldKIM Kuk HyangPRK3,212.5392
WorldROBLES Sarah ElizabethUSA2,889.9051
WorldLYSENKO AnastasiiaUKR2,605.1870
WorldSALADIN TOLENTINO Veronica EstelaDOM2,465.7779
WorldLEE Seon MiKOR2,427.2043
WorldCAMPBELL Emily JadeGBR2,230.8608
WorldAKMAL NurulINA2,106.0567
Continental – OceanaHUBBARD LaurelNZL1,993.6428
Continental – Pan-AmericaESPINOSA Yaniuska IsabelVEN1,941.1078
Continental – EuropeFISCHER SarahAUT1,785.5708
Continental – AsiaDAVRONOVA DoleraUZB1,497.2507
Continental – AfricaVALAYDON ShalineeMRI271.4627
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes are the next in line to move up into a continental slot

OceanaSIPAIA IuniarraSAM1,975.2294
Pan-AmericaAYOVI CABEZAS Lisseth BetzaidaECU1,661.2980
EuropeGUNAL MelikeTUR1,520.8634
AsiaERDENEBAT BilegsaikhanMGL1,227.6465

Behind a teammate

These athletes could get a place if an athlete that is ahead of them from their country is not selected by their NOC (for example because of injury)

AsiaZHOU XiaomanCHN3,599.6935
AsiaMENG SupingCHN3,288.0214
AsiaSON YoungheeKOR2,347.4314
AsiaJIA WeipengCHN2,016.1358

Best of the Rest

OceanaAMOE TARRANT CharismaAUS1,903.6452
OceanaSTOWERS FeagaigaSAM1,694.1955
EuropeVENNEKILDE Marie LouiseDEN1,520.4145
EuropeKAROLAK MagdalenaPOL1,411.9810
EuropeDALALYAN ArpineARM1,269.1000

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