Tokyo 2020 Qualification Standings – W87

These details are built from the IWF qualification rankings as they stood on 2nd April 2021

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldWANG ZhouyuCHN3,825.7053
WorldKIM Un JuPRK3,065.4166
WorldROGERS Martha AnnUSA2,933.7286
WorldSALAZAR ARCE Tamara YajairaECU2,605.4214
WorldSANTANA PEGUERO Crismery DomingaDOM2,575.0083
WorldPEREZ REVERON Naryury AlexandraVEN2,493.3180
WorldKANG YeounheeKOR2,300.9499
WorldNAYO KETCHANKE Gaelle VerlaineFRA2,247.3866
Continental – Pan-AmericaVALDES PARIS Maria FernandaCHI1,981.6481
Continental – EuropeHAKOBYAN TatevARM1,950.3336
Continental – OceanaANDREWS-NAHU Kanah ShenelleNZL1,637.3198
Continental – AsiaMESHITKHANOVA RaushanKAZ1,595.0366
Continental – AfricaMEUKEUGNI NOUMBISSI ClementineCMR1,530.3696
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes are the next in line to move up into a continental slot

Pan-AmericaANTONIA FERREIRA JaquelineBRA1,971.7832
EuropeVANBELLINGHEN Anna Marie-J A MBEL1,871.8920
OceanaFASSINA Kaitlyn Jade JudgesAUS1,626.3082
AsiaTOYCHYYEVA AysoltanTKM1,571.4143
AfricaOUASS SamiraMAR687.2341

Behind a teammate

These athletes could get a place if an athlete that is ahead of them from their country is not selected by their NOC (for example because of injury)

AsiaKANG YueCHN2,864.0147
AsiaAO HuiCHN2,791.6018
Pan-AmericaARTHUR Jenny LyvetteUSA2,643.4865
Pan-AmericaCHIRINOS LEON Dayana AracelisVEN2,338.7800
AsiaLEE JieunKOR2,049.0446

Best of the Rest

EuropeSAZANAVETS DzinaBLR1,869.9069
EuropeRIEGER PatriciaGER1,852.8624
EuropeCILCIC ElenaMDA1,837.9600
EuropeFISCHER SarahAUT1,785.5708
Pan-AmericaTORRES WONG AnacarmenMEX1,689.2806

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