Tokyo 2020 Qualification Standing – M109

These details are built from the IWF qualification rankings as they stood on 2nd April 2021

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldMARTIROSYAN SimonARM4,221.3200
WorldYANG ZheCHN4,095.8117
WorldDJURAEV AkbarUZB3,896.3032
WorldCHUMAK DmytroUKR3,706.8386
WorldHASHEMI AliIRI3,560.2642
WorldPLESNIEKS ArtursLAT3,436.1023
WorldJEONG KisamKOR3,358.9565
WorldHRISTOV Hristo DimitrovBUL3,352.3036
Continental – Pan-AmericaKITTS Wesley BrianUSA3,281.0716
Continental – EuropeMICHALSKI ArkadiuszPOL3,233.6969
Continental – AsiaBERSANOV IbragimKAZ3,192.1857
Continental – AfricaBACHA AymenTUN2,638.3929
Continental – OceanaLYDEMENT Matthew RyanAUS1,869.6272
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes are the next in line to move up into a continental slot

EuropeRUIZ I VELASCO MarcosESP3,090.1821
Pan-AmericaGONZALEZ BARRIOS Jesus AbrahanVEN3,060.5962
AsiaOVEZOV OvezTKM2,610.9919
AfricaNGADJA NYABEYEU Junior PericlexCMR2,229.9734
OceanaJUNGBLUT Tanumafili MalietoaASA1,808.6116

Behind a teammate

These athletes could get a place if an athlete that is ahead of them from their country is not selected by their NOC (for example because of injury)

AsiaJIN YunseongKOR3,287.9700
AsiaSEO HuiyeopKOR3,213.1720
EuropeZAITSEV RomanUKR2,996.2110

Best of the Rest

Pan-AmericaARIAS MOSQUERA Jeyson AlonsoVEN3,041.3678
EuropeMARTIROSJAN SargisAUT2,988.5396
EuropeARAMNAU AndreiBLR2,981.6519
Pan-AmericaCOLUMBIE SANAME JuanCUB2,890.5942
EuropeELVAN ResulTUR2,597.0951

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