Tokyo 2020 Qualification Standings – M81

These details are built from the IWF qualification rankings as they stood on 2nd April 2021

Allocated Slots

These athletes would be offered a slot at the Olympic Games based on their current ranking, which their National Olympic Committee could accept.

Slot TypeAthleteCountryRobi
WorldLI DayinCHN4,528.6851
WorldRODALLEGAS CARVAJAL Brayan SantiagoCOL4,090.7163
WorldBONNAT MICHEL ZacariasDOM3,988.0245
WorldPIZZOLATO AntoninoITA3,843.9117
WorldREJEPOV RejepbayTKM3,809.1750
WorldMAURUS Harrison JamesUSA3,729.0148
WorldSUHAREVS RitvarsLAT3,692.8343
WorldMUELLER NicoGER3,690.7898
Continental – EuropeMATA PEREZ Andres EduardoESP3,641.7828
Continental – Pan-AmericaMENDEZ PEREZ ArleyCHI3,496.9917
Continental – AsiaRAHIMOV NijatKAZ3,448.2198
Continental – AfricaBAHLOUL RamziTUN2,660.8756
Continental – OceanaWAKELING Brandon DeanAUS2,193.6233
Host (Japan) / Tripartite CommissionTBC??

In The Hunt

These athletes are the next in line to move up into a continental slot

EuropeBEYTULA Yunder NedimBUL3,605.4808
Pan-AmericaSAEZ VERA OlfidesCUB3,361.5566
AsiaTOSHTEMIROV MukhammadkodirUZB3,318.5847
OceanaMCTAGGART Cameron DavidNZL2,133.1820
AfricaNJOYA Ahmed ValdyCMR2,083.3965

Behind a teammate

These athletes could get a place if an athlete that is ahead of them from their country is not selected by their NOC (for example because of injury)

AsiaLYU XiaojunCHN4,140.9217
Pan-AmericaSOLIS ARBOLEDA Juan FelipeCOL3,482.7788
EuropeSANCHEZ LOPEZ DavidESP3,337.6248
AsiaULANOV DenisKAZ3,263.7339

Best of the Rest

EuropeASAYONAK PetrBLR3,569.5112
EuropeQERIMAJ ErkandALB3,555.1857
EuropeLOZKA IharBLR3,155.9486
EuropeZWARYCZ Krzysztof MaciejPOL3,107.8930
Pan-AmericaBELLEMARRE AlexCAN3,026.0218

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