Shi Zhiyong & Li Dayin heavy training session

Shi Zhiyong & Li Dayin Training Session | Team China 2019 World Weightlifting Championships

Two days before becoming a three-time world champion, Olympic Champion Shi Zhiyong (73 CHN) hit a session in the training hall comprised of heavy snatch pulls and snatch deadlifts, up to 230kg.

One platform over was teammate Li Dayin (81 CHN) who completed clean and jerks, front squats, and snatches.

By Robi points, these to athletes are ranked in 2nd and 3rd in the world behind Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze, with 4,985 and 4,528 points between Shi and Li respectively (check-out our complete ranking system here). Despite such strong placements, Li Dayin’s spot on the Olympic team is by no means confirmed.

Watch the video to learn why!

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