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National Bans Confirmed for Thailand and Malaysia

The IWF has announced that its Independent Member Federation Sanctions Panel has finished considering anti-doping cases against Thailand and Malaysia and has confirmed the expected national suspensions will be imposed.

Thai athletes will be prohibited from competing internationally for five months (for those aged under eighteen) or eleven months (for those over eighteen). Malaysia’s athletes will be banned for five months.

Interestingly, the bans will begin from the next IWF event, so the time periods will not begin to run until international competition begins again after the current coronavirus pandemic. The decision also stipulates that neither nation will take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games no matter what date it eventually takes place.

Both nations have also received additional sanctions. The Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association has been suspended from the IWF until at least March 2022, meaning it cannot take part in IWF activities or send technical officials to competitions. It has also been fined 200,000 USD. The Malaysian Weightlifting Federation is suspended until at least October 2020.

Dan Kent
Dan is the Editor of the Weightlifting House website. He is also a coach with Warwickshire Weightlifting Club and a referee.


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