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McLaren Report on Corruption in Weightlifting Released

The 122-page report by Richard McLaren has been released and is available here.

The very first part of the executive summary makes it clear that it is pretty damning for the recently resigned President of the IWF, Tamas Aján.

Dr. Aján’s autocratic authoritarian leadership of the International Weightlifting
Federation resulted in a dysfunctional, ineffective oversight of the organisation by
the Executive Board, which had an ill-informed understanding of the organisation.
This was achieved through various control mechanisms. As a consequence, Dr. Aján
disabled anyone other than himself from understanding the overall affairs of the

We’ll be sharing more details of the report once we have had a chance to read it properly but even the chapter headings make it clear just how much has been unearthed. For example:

  • Cash for votes: Rigging Electoral Congresses
  • Infiltration of the Anti-Doping Control Program
  • Presidential Meddling in Antidoping
  • Illusory Reform
  • Financial Reporting: Misrepresented Reality
Dan Kent
Dan is the Editor of the Weightlifting House website. He is also a coach with Warwickshire Weightlifting Club and a referee.


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