Weightlifting Myth Busting with Sam Spinelli

Busting Squat Myths with Dr. Sam Spinelli

Dr. Sam Spinelli is a doctor of physical therapy and an S&C coach.

In this episode of the Weightlifting House podcast, we spoke with Sam about the most common ‘movement myths’ in weightlifting, why they occur, whether they are dangerous, and whether they ought to be avoided.

To contextualise the discussion, Sam spoke in depth on where these myths originated from, as well as how they propagated over the years.

These myths include:

  • knee valgus (knees tracking medially in the squat)
  • butt wink (posterior pelvic tilt)
  • shoulder rotation (Internal vs External in the snatch/jerk)
  • looking up in the squat (Chinese style squat technique)

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