Weightlifting News Show featuring Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and many world records

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao Powers, & Huge WR Jerks | WL News Show 07/02/20

This week we saw multiple unofficial world record jerks, as well as a 146kg unofficial WR snatch by 61kg He Yueji.

Lu Xiaojun (81) and Tian Tao (96) hit some heavy power snatches, though no one is yet to catch a 160kg power snatch higher than Boady Santavy (96) who threw down his new PR last week.

16 year old Park Hye-jeong (+81) again showed us why she might be a future superheavy world champion, clean and jerking 15kg over her junior world record with 160kg, as well as back squatting 200kg for a set of 8.

Team Power and Grace Performance held a training camp, with highlights from stars such as world champion Kate Nye (81), and youth world record holders CJ Cummings (73) and Harrison Maurus (81).

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