Lasha Talakhadze Muscle Snatches and Back Squats at the 2019 World Championships

Lasha Talakhadze | Muscle Snatch Triple at 130kg & 285kg Squats

If you want to know what type of training session proceeds a 210kg snatch and a 255kg clean and jerk – the heaviest training hall total of all time – this is it.

This is the session that sets the next in motion, and so though it doesn’t contain any full lifts, the success of its execution was a strong determinant of the attempts for the following day. If the muscle snatches had moved slowly and the back squats had shown a hint of a grind, the next day’s attempts might have been something less historic.

10 days later, Lasha set the heaviest total off all time: a 220kg snatch and a 264kg clean and jerk for a 484kg total.

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