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New Corruption Claims Against Tamás Aján

The German TV channel that broke the IWF corruption story has made a further claim against ex-IWF President Tamás Aján. It has reported that, after resigning as President, he withdrew €356,000 (around $435,000) from an IWF bank account. The amount represents his annual salary, plus an extra €6,000.

The IWF, now under the temporary leadership of Ursula Garza Papandrea, is apparently considering legal action to recover the money, along with up to $10.4 million of funds that remain unaccounted for.

ARD also reported that law enforcement agencies in Hungary (where The IWF was based until this year) and Switzerland (where it is now headquartered) are investigating possible criminal activity at the IWF during Aján’s tenure.

The IWF has already taken some action against its ex-President. Originally, it was agreed that after resigning he would retain an honorary role as an ambassador for the sport. That role has now apparently been withdrawn.

Papandrea will continue to lead the IWF as interim President until at least early 2021, when it is hoped it will be possible to elect a permanent President.

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