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Lasha Talakhadze 222kg/489lbs Snatch | WL News

This week, Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze (+109) hit the heaviest snatch ever recorded on film at 222kg / 489/lbs during a national test event. Alongside a 255kg clean and jerk, Lasha totaled 477kg, a weight that only he has ever beating internationally in the history of the sport.

Prior, the heaviest snatch ever recorded in competition, and still officially the world record, was 220kg, also held by Lasha Talakhadze, a weight he has now hit twice internationally, in both 2017 and 2019.

Lasha took four attempts in the snatch, as opposed to the usual three attempts, lifting 205kg, 2012kg, 218kg, and then finally 222kg.

In the clean and jerk, Lasha only took two attempts, lifting 240kg on his opener, and 255kg on his 2nd and final attempt.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
02:25 – China’s Test Event
03:35 – Kang Yue’s 110kg Snatch
05:10 – Another 73kg Chinese Lifter
05:58 – South Korea’s National Championships
08:20 – Lovchev’s Return
10:39 – Anton Pliesnoi’s Clean
12:01 – Georgia’s Competition
13:34 – Lasha
19:47 – Hakob Mkrytchyan’s 240kg Front Squats
21:25 – Petr Asayonak’s Competition Lifts
23:06 – Eduard Ziaziulin’s 250kg Jerk
23:48 – Yazmin Steven’s 108kg C+J PR
24:34 – Alex Bellamare’s Snatch PR & 200kg Jerk
25:50 – Ryan Grimsland’s 182kg PR Jerk
26:56 – CJ Cummings’ 140kg Snatch + Thing
27:27 – Harrison Maurus’ 150kg Snatch
27:54 – Hunter Elam’s 120kg Jerk
29:07 – Coach Mary Goes 115/155kg
30:10 – Cal Strength’s Big Lifts
31:00 – Eileen Cikamatana Gets Instagram and PRs!
32:32 – The People’s Lifts

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