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Lu Xiaojun’s Unofficial World Record & Clarence Reclaims his 0 | WL News

At 36 years of age, Lu Xiaojun exceeded the World Record yet again in training. Clarence Kennedy graced us with some highlights from his last few months of training, and WADA has forced the IWF’s hand to start on the path of retesting 130 hidden samples.


00:00 – Intro
01:06 – 130 Hidden Doping Results
03:43 – China: Lu’s WR Snatch, Tian Tao 190kg Power, The New 73?
11:40 – Japan: Shishido Daisuke’s 195kg Clean
11:57 – Australia: Charisma’s 225kg Squat, Kiana Elliot’s Wonderful Technique
13:30 – Iran: Seleimani Cleans 90% WR for Reps
15:00 – Armenia: Hakob Mkrtchyan’s 190kg Power Clean Double
15:44 – Qatar: Meso Snatches 171kg, Cleans 200kg from Blocks
16:44 – Romania: Loredana Toma’s 180kg Double
18:09 – Ireland: Clarence Kennedy’s Filthy Training
21:50 – USA: Jessie Stemo’s PR Snatch, Kate Nye’s Continued Progress
23:48 – Fernando Reis’s 320kg x5 Back Squat
25:20 – Columbia: Luis Mosquera’s Mad Complexes
26:23 – Venezuela: Julio Mayora’s Almost WR Hang Snatch
27:44 – New Weightlifting House Goodies
29:08 – The People’s Lifts
35:02 – Outro

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