Resignations from IWF Executive Board

Two members of the IWF Executive Board have resigned amid ongoing chaos at the top of the sport.

Antonio Urso, President of the European Weightlifting Federation resigned as a member of the IWF board shortly after it appointed Mike Irani as a new interim President.

His resignation email included strong words:

The reason for this decision stems from the fact that I no longer share the political line of this Board, which seems to me crazy and destructive of the future of world weightlifting.

(more details at InsideTheGames)

Then, Ursula Papandrea announced that she would also be resigning from the Executive Board with a similarly strongly worded letter which included this:

I see the intent of the Executive Board as misguided and self-serving

Along with a long list of complaints about the conduct of the Executive Board, up to allegations that members of the Executive Board tried to get access to McLaren Report evidence that might implicate them.

(more details at InsideTheGames)

The IOC issued a statement that did not appear to show confidence in new interim President, Mike Irani:

The IOC refers to its previous statements, and continues to be highly concerned about the confusing decisions taken by the Board of the International Weightlifting Federation in the last few days, particularly as regards to the chosen replacements as Acting President, as well as to the global governance of the International Federation

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