Ursula Papandrea Talks About Her Time at The IWF

The recently-ousted interim President of the International Weightlifting Federation has spoken to us at length about her time in the organisation, the challenges she faced from the rest of the Executive Board and where she sees things going from here.

Some key points:

  • She thinks she was brought in by Executive Board members as a disposable pawn as part of a plot to remove Tamás Aján
  • Although Aján is responsible for many problems at the IWF, he did make an effort to instigate reforms in his final few years as President, which may have led to his ousting.
  • Papandrea surprised the Executive Board members by not going along with a charade and instead pushing for real reforms.
  • The timing of her removal was just before she was due to appoint two members to a key governance committee – she thinks this is significant.

Listen to the full interview here:

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