Shi Zhiyong Takes Over Chinese Nationals, and Doppelgängers are in the IWF | WL News

This week in weightlifting

  • A report by the World Anti-Doping Agency Intelligence and Investigations department has revealed new allegations of methods used to avoid positive tests in weightlifting.
  • Chinese Nationals saw multiple unofficial world records and highly contested battles
  • The elite athletes of the sport continue to train hard in spite of continued uncertainness

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Breaking News: IWF Doppelgangers
04:52 – Chinese Nationals
17:18 – Australia, Kiana Eliott‘s Double Clean & Jerk
18:24 – Japan, Takehiro Kasai‘s 190kg Clean and Jerk
18:58 – Pakistan, Nooh Butt Dastgir‘s 280kg Front Squat
19:12 – Poland, Arkadiusz Michalski‘s 270kgx3 Squat
20:00 – Malta, Yazmin Stephens Snatch PR
20:37 – Denmark, StrongPiglet‘s Snatch PR
21:48 – Netherlands, Enzo Kuworge‘s 176kg Block Snatch PR
22:23 – Italy, Giorgia Bordignon‘s No Foot Snatch
23:02 – Great Britain, Sarah Davies CJ Attempt
23:50 – Canada, Boady Santavy‘s 172kg Snatch Singles
24:54 – Weightlifting House Patreon
25:54 – USA, Mattie Rogers, Wes Kitts, Jourdan Delacruz, and Kaiser Witt
30:23 – Columbia, Mercedes Comp
31:29 – The People’s Lifts

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