European Championships 2021 – M61

Results and information for the Men’s 61 kg category at the European Weightlifting Championships 2021 (postponed from 2020)

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How the A Session Happened

Things did not start well, with something of a bloodbath on snatches. Most of the athletes missed a couple of lifts, meaning that they ended up well below where they will have been hoping to be.

Only Silyan Grozdev (Bulgaria) managed consistency and it paid off for him, with a snatch gold and a one kilo lead going into the clean and jerks.

The two young Italian lifters in the session added some good entertainment. First Sergio Massidda jerked 155 to exceed the European junior standard and claim the clean and jerk record. However, he did not hold it for long – his teammate Davide Ruiu hit 158 after missing it once to claim the record for himself.

Although he missed his first clean and jerk, Grozdev did enough to win the total medal, including one jerk where he had to move his back foot multiple times before finding his balance.

Grozdev was denied the clean sweep of golds though. Jon Mau (Germany), who had underperformed badly on snatches, put up three impressive power jerks at 155, 160 and 162 to take the clean and jerk gold. If he can improve his snatch, he will be one to watch as it looks like he has a lot more in the tank on clean and jerk.

NameNationEntrySnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 2best snatchbest c&Jtotal
1GROZDEV StilyanBUL293130134136x156157160136160296
2MISHVELIDZE ShotaGEO290x129131135155x159x162135155290
3HARDAL FerdiTUR297130x135x135157x161x161130157287
4LAPTSEU HenadzBLR290128x132132148154x159132154286
5RUIU DavideITA287x125125x130150x158158125158283
6MAU JonGER285120x124x124155160162120162282
7MASSIDDA SergioITA285125x130x130145155x160125155280
8SHAMILISHVILI RaminiGEO285124x128x128147155x159124155279
9TOPTAS CanerTUR286x124124x128142145150124150274

Start list for A Session

18SHAMILISHVILI Ramini11.05.1994GEO61SE285
122GROZDEV Stilyan27.07.1999BUL61SE293
166RUIU Davide22.06.2001ITA61SE287
195HARDAL Ferdi31.12.1996TUR61SE297
216MAU Jon02.10.1998GER61SE285
247MASSIDDA Sergio26.01.2002ITA61SE285
281TOPTAS Caner14.08.2001TUR61SE286
294LAPTSEU Henadz15.12.1998BLR61SE290
309MISHVELIDZE Shota18.10.1994GEO61SE290

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