European Championships 2021 – M67

Results and information for the Men’s 67 kg category at the European Weightlifting Championships 2021 (postponed from 2020)

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How the A Session Happened

The snatch part of this session was notable for the sheer number of lifts made. The ten competitors only missed three snatches between them.

Muhammed Ozbek (Turkey) staked an early claim on the snatch gold with 145, hoping that others would fail. He was soon superseded by Zulfat Garaev (Russia) with 147. However it was Mirko Zanni (Italy), knowing that he does not have the strongest clean and jerk in the group, who pushed himself to take snatch gold with 148.

Acoran Mendoza (Spain) made a fantastic save on his final snatch, prompting a passionate celebration, proving that even outside of the medal positions, every athlete pushes themself at this kind of competition.

The made to missed ratio returned to a more normal level in the clean and jerks, with many of the lifters failing on third attempts trying to challenge for the medals. As expected, Zanni could not match his snatch performance. He did enough with a 170 jerk to hold off Valentin Genchev (Bulgaria) in the total. However, he left the opportunity for Ozbek to claim clean and jerk and total golds, which he happily did with 178.

NameNationEntrySnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3best snatchbest c&Jtotal
OZBEK MuhammedTUR321139142145170174178145178323
ZANNI MirkoITA330142146148x170170x174148170318
GENCHEV ValentinBUL310132136138168173177138177315
GARAEV ZulfatRUS320140144147167x172x172147167314
CHKHEIDZE GogaGEO310134138140165170x175140170310
KINGUE MATAM BernardinFRA315133136138x170170x174138170308
ANGELOV PetarBUL304130135138157162x169138162300
MENDOZA AcoranESP304130134139155160x164139160299
GENC YusufTUR306125130x132x166167x173130167297
IVANOU DzmitryBLR305130x135x135155x160x160130155285

Start list for A Session

32GENCHEV Valentin03.04.2000BUL67SE310
74GARAEV Zulfat12.01.2000RUS67SE320
78ZANNI Mirko16.10.1997ITA67SE330
93MATAM Kingue20.05.1990FRA67SE315
106MENDOZA Acoran30.12.1990ESP67SE304
114DZMITRY Ivanou04.11.2000BLR67SE305
173GENC Yusuf23.05.2002TUR67SE306
189ANGELOV Petar15.12.1997BUL67SE304
203CHKHEIDZE Goga11.02.1996GEO67SE310
237OZBEK Muhammed24.01.2001TUR67SE321

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