European Championships 2021 – M89

Results and information for the Men’s 89 kg category at the European Weightlifting Championships 2021 (postponed from 2020)

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How the A Session Happened

This was one of those groups where the eventual medalists seemed clear early on but who would get each medal was far from certain. Andranik Karapetyan (Armenia) and his younger teammate Karen Avagyan were virtually inseparable from Revaz Davitadze (Georgia) through most of the snatches. However, the younger Armenian hit 175 on his third while the other two missed, leaving him with the snatch gold.

A fun subplot was the battle at the bottom of the group between Antonis Martasidis (Cyprus) and Theodoros Iakovidis (Greece). Martasidis used to lift for Greece and clearly felt like he has a point to prove. He took an eight kilo jump from his 190 opener on clean and jerk to try to overtake the Greek lifter but deadlifted it twice, perhaps not making the point he hoped to.

With a substantial lead over the rest of the field, the total medalists were clear early in the clean and jerks but there was one twist. Roman Chepik (Russia) managed a 198 clean and jerk despite rolling his ankle on his first attempt. When Karapetyan missed 200 and 205 seeking the total gold, Chepik snuck onto the clean and jerk podium.

Karapetyan’s misses left just the Georgian to challenge Avagyan for the overall gold. Avagyan attempted 204 to add to his lead but couldn’t manage it. That meant a third attempt at 205 would be enough for Davitadze. He managed the clean but couldn’t jerk it. He did take the clean and jerk gold with 203 though.

So, the younger Armenia left with two golds, as well as new European U23 records in snatch and total.

NameNationEntrySnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3best snatchbest c&Jtotal
AVAGYAN KarenARM375165170175200x204x204175200375
DAVITADZE RevazGEO375166171x176198203x205171203374
KARAPETYAN AndranikARM375165170x175195x200x205170195365
CHEPIK RomanRUS370157161164x194194198164198362
KOZHAKIN RuslanUKR362156160162190x197197162197359
HARANIN SiarheiBLR365x155155x160192194196155196351
SHORAJ KrenarALB360x150150156190192156192348
IAKOVIDIS TheodorosGRE360x153153156x187187191156191347
MARTASIDIS AntonisCYP360150x153x153190x198x198150190340

Start list for A Session

15MARTASIDIS Antonis14.06.1992CYP89SE360
75HARANIN Siarhei02.05.1995BLR89SE365
97KARAPETYAN Andranik15.12.1995ARM89SE375
111AVAGYAN Karen12.05.1999ARM89SE375
124KOZHAKIN Ruslan13.01.1995UKR89SE362
150DAVITADZE Revaz16.10.1998GEO89SE375
248IAKOVIDIS Theodoros12.02.1991GRE89SE360
251SHORAJ Krenar15.01.1992ALB89SE360
267CHEPIK Roman18.09.1995RUS89SE370

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