European Championships 2021 – W59

Results and information for the Women’s 59 kg category at the European Weightlifting Championships 2021 (postponed from 2020)

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How the A Session Happened

This category looked set to be hard fought, with almost every athlete in the A group in with a chance of a medal. The snatches bore that out, with only seven kilos separating the field. Three made 95, meaning that the snatch medals were decided by the order of lifting, leaving Olga Te (Russia) with the gold as the first to lift the weight.

Te’s chances in the total took a big blow when a mistake from her coaches led to her being timed out on her first clean and jerk. As it turned out, the medalists on clean and jerk were the same but the order was different. Boyanka Kostova (Azerbaijan) took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed the clean and jerk and total golds with a 116 kilo jerk. Dora Tchakounte (France) had to settle for third.

Ine Andersson (Norway) was unlucky not to pick up a clean and jerk medal after a spectacular jerk recovery that saw her staggering sideways was ruled a no lift by the referees.

NameNationEntrySnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3best snatchbest c&Jtotal
1KOSTOVA BoyankaAZE2109295x97111x11611695116211
2TE OlgaRUS21595x98x98x11011011595115210
3TCHAKOUNTE DoraFRA2109295x97110x11511595115210
4ANDERSSON IneNOR211x868688110113x11688116204
5KOZLOVA AleksandraRUS2108791x93105111x11591111202
6SMITH ZoeGBR21587x8989x111111x11489111200
7HANHUR MariyaUKR20889x93x93108x113x11389108197
8RETULAINEN SaaraFIN2088790x92103x110x11190103193

Start list for A Session

43ANDERSSON Ine17.08.1989NOR59SE211
47TCHAKOUNTE Dora23.03.1995FRA59SE210
60KOZLOVA Aleksandra24.04.1997RUS59SE210
70KOSTOVA Boyanka10.05.1993AZE59SE210
84SMITH Zoe26.04.1994GBR59SE215
145BENTELI Konstantina24.08.1993GRE59SE208
186RETULAINEN Saara30.05.1993FIN59SE208
207HANHUR Mariya24.08.2000UKR59SE208
297TE Olga05.03.1996RUS59SE215

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