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Asian Championships 2020 – M109

Information and results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships 2020 (Held in April 2021)

For other categories and general competition information, see our Asian Championships 2020 page

A Session Summary

  • Yang Zhe (China) hits a 200kg snatch world record
  • Bad injury for Huiyeop Seo (Korea) on first clean and jerk
  • Yang Zhe hits 222 clean and jerk but has it taken away by the referees and the jury refuse to overturn it
  • Kia Ghadami (Iran) lifts to mid shin, put it down, then cleans 223 and jerks it
  • Akbar Djuraev (Uzbekistan) hits an Asian record total (428)
  • Ruslan Nurudinov (Uzbekistan) world record clean and jerk (241) – also takes the Asian record total
Snatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3Best SnatchBest C&JTotal
1NURUDINOV RuslanUZB183x188188228235241188241429
2DJURAEV AkbarUZB188194x197225234x238194234428
3YANG ZheCHN187193200215x222x222200215415
4JIN YunseongKORx180180x183220x223x224180220400
5GHADAMI KiaIRI170175x178223x226175223398
6MOCHIDA RyunosukeJPN174x180x180215x225x227174215389
7OVEZOV OvezTKM165175x178205x213x213175205380
8SHIRAISHI HiroakiJPNx165x165165x206206x215165206371
9BERSANOV IbragimKAZ170x175175195x205x205175195370
10SEO HuiyeopKORx177177x181x221177

A Session Start List

1MOCHIDA Ryunosuke18/06/199327JPN109395
2JIN Yunseong11/10/199525KOR109400
3DJURAEV Akbar08/10/199921UZB109420
4NURUDINOV Ruslan24/11/199129UZB109420
5YANG Zhe14/07/199129CHN109400
6SHIRAISHI Hiroaki24/10/198931JPN109390
7SEO Huiyeop29/02/199229KOR109400
8OVEZOV Ovez11/06/199723TKM109380
9GHADAMI Kia26/01/199130IRI109395
10BERSANOV Ibragim25/10/199228KAZ109380
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