Asian Championships 2020 – M55

Information and results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships 2020 (Held in April 2021)

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A Session Summary

  • Close battle between three of the four lifters on snatch, with Arli Chontey (Kazakhstan) pulling ahead of them
  • Uzbek team minutes Dilanka Yodage (Sri Lanka) lifter after he misses a 109 snatch, making him take it again quickly – he misses again
  • On clean and jerk, the Uzbek lifter is forced to take his first two lifts before anyone else opens
  • Yodage gets minuted again between second and third clean and jerks. This time he sticks the lift (137) and celebrates with a (not entirely successful) backflip
  • The two Kazakh lifters are left to battle for clean and and jerk gold
  • Chontey misses 142 to give Auyelkhanov an opportunity to take 148 for clean and jerk and total golds and a junior world record. Unfortunately, he misses the clean
NAMENATIONSnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3Best SnatchBest C&JTotal
1CHONTEY ArliKAZ110113115136140x142115140255
2AUYELKHANOV AblayKAZ103106108136x141x148108136244
3YODAGE Dilanka Isuru KumaraSRI104x109x109135x137137104137241
4NAFASOV OgabekUZB104108x111124132x135108132240

A Session Start List

1AUYELKHANOV Ablay27/06/200317KAZ55250
2CHONTEY Arli01/07/199228KAZ55260
3NAFASOV Ogabek21/01/200219UZB55240
4YODAGE Dilanka Isuru Kumara21/04/199624SRI55250

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