Asian Championships 2020 – M67

Information and results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships 2020 (Held in April 2021)

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A Session Summary

  • Adkhamjon Ergashev recovers from being well down after snatches to take a shot at clean and jerk gold, ultimately claiming bronze medals on clean and jerk and total
  • Huang Minhao (China) takes snatch gold and then displays a big improvement on clean and jerk, squat jerking 177 to push his teammate Chen Lijun all the way on the total
  • Chen Lijun ultimately goes 6/6 to win the total by a kilo
  • Mitsunori Konnai (Japan) tries some absolutely heroic saves on jerks but can’t quite stick 169.
Snatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3Best SnatchBest C&JTotal
1CHEN LijunCHN145150153171177180153180333
2HUANG MinhaoCHN147152155163174177155177332
3ERGASHEV AdkhamjonUZBx140x140140170176x181140176316
4TALIB TalhaPAK142146148167x172x172148167315
5HAN MyeongmokKOR139143x147160165169143169312
6KONNAI MitsunoriJPNx138x138138166x169x169138166304
7JEREMY LalrinnungaIND135x139139163x168x168139163302

A Session Start List

1TALIB Talha03/10/199921PAK67320
2HAN Myeongmok01/02/199130KOR67310
3HUANG Minhao21/08/199228CHN67330
4JEREMY Lalrinnunga26/10/200218IND67310
5ERGASHEV Adkhamjon12/03/199922UZB67325
7KONNAI Mitsunori14/03/199625JPN67310
8CHEN Lijun08/02/199328CHN67330

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