Asian Championships 2020 – M+109

Information and results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships 2020 (Held in April 2021)

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A Session Summary

  • Eishiro ‘Tank’ Murakami (Japan) manages 190/225/415 for bronze medals but passes out on clean and jerks
  • Man Asaad (Syria) puts in a huge competition best performance to take silver medals
  • Ali Davoudi (Iran) goes one kilo better in both lifts to win the total 435 to 433 and take all of the golds
  • Several jury interventions result in no-lifts for marginal press out calls
NAMENATIONSnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3Best SnatchBest C&JTotal
1DAVOUDI AliIRI192196x200233239x245196239435
2ASAAD ManSYR186191195230x238238195238433
3MURAKAMI EishiroJPN180185190225x230x232190225415
4TOYCHYYEV HojamuhammetTKM176181x187223x231x232181223404
5HAM Sang IlKOR175180x185215x223223180223403
6BUTT Muhammad Nooh DastgirPAK

A Session Start List

1DAVOUDI Ali22/03/199922IRI109435
2HAM Sang Il25/08/198931KOR109410
3ASAAD Man20/11/199327SYR109420
4TOYCHYYEV Hojamuhammet16/01/199229TKM109400
5BUTT Muhammad Nooh Dastgir03/02/199823PAK109400
6MURAKAMI Eishiro08/08/199525JPN109400

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