Asian Championships 2020 – W59

Information and results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships 2020 (Held in April 2021)

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A Session Summary

  • Kuo Hsing-Chun (Taiwan) opens after everyone else has finished and claims the snatch world record with 110, with one red light and perhaps a kind decision from the other referees
  • Good battle for clean and jerk silver medal between Mikiko Andoh (Japan) and Luo Xiaomin (China)
  • Sixteen-year old Nigora Abdullaeva (Uzbekistan) gets competition bests despite only making two lifts. On her clean and jerk misses, she ends up sitting with the bar racked before dumping it.
  • Kuo tries to set up for more records but misses her clean and jerk opener to a press-out decision. She has to settle for 137 for a new total world record.
NAMENATIONSnatch 1Snatch 2Snatch 3C&J 1C&J 2C&J 3Best SnatchBest C&JTotal
1KUO Hsing-ChunTPE105107110x133133137110137247
2LUO XiaominCHN97100102123125x130102125227
3HOANG Thi DuyenVIE9598100112116x121100116216
4GURYEVA PolinaTKM9194x96113x11711794117211
5ANDOH MikikoJPN85x90x9511512012485124209
6ABDULLAEVA NigoraUZBx8080x85100x104x10480100180
7COLONIA MargaretPHI73x787898x102x1027898176

A Session Start List

1ANDOH Mikiko30/09/199228JPN59220
2COLONIA Margaret09/12/199822PHI59185
3ABDULLAEVA Nigora13/05/200416UZB59190
4ENKHBAATAR Enkhtamir01/05/200020MGL59180
5GURYEVA Polina05/10/199921TKM59215
6LUO Xiaomin14/11/199921CHN59230
7HOANG Thi Duyen26/04/199624VIE59215
8KUO Hsing-Chun26/11/199327TPE59235

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