Japan Names Team for Olympics

Japan has confirmed the three female weightlifters who will represent it at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics in July.

Hiromi Miyake (W49), Kanae Yagi (W55) and Mikiko Andoh (W59) have been selected to take host country slots.

As host nation, Japan was guaranteed at least three male and three female weightlifting slots at the games. It had already accepted qualification slots for four male weightlifters so did not have host country slots for male athletes.

Despite Mikiko Andoh ranking highly enough to be offered a place directly, Japan chose to decline that slot and instead place her in a host country slot. Hirome Miyake and Kanae Yagi would not have qualified for their categories on ranking but have fulfilled the required qualifying competitions in order to get a host country slot.

The full Japanese team is:

  • Hiromi Miyake (W49)
  • Kanae Yagi (W55)
  • Mikiko Andoh (W59)
  • Yoichi Itokazu (M61)
  • Mitsunori Konnai (M67)
  • Masanori Miyamoto (M73)
  • Toshiki Yamamoto (M96)

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