Las Vegas International Open Results

Romania Suspended. Toma Out.

The IWF has announced that Romania has been handed a one-year national suspension from weightlifting as a result of numerous anti-doping violations.

This means that Romania, already reduced to just one athlete for the Tokyo Olympics will now have no weightlifting representation at the Games. Their sole qualified athlete, Loredana Toma, will now be removed from the rankings and her place reallocated, most likely to Lisa Marie Schwiezer (Germany).

The suspension also means that Romania will not be allowed to participate in the IWF congress. This could be significant given the upcoming electoral and constitutional congresses that will set the future direction of the IWF. Romania’s Nicu Vlad has been a key player at the top level of the IWF but will now be shut out.

The decision allows for the suspension to be lifted after eight months if a set of criteria are adhered to, including no more anti-doping violations for Romanian athletes, full cooperation with anti-doping efforts and a change in culture in the Romanian federation.

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