More Olympic Places Confirmed

A few more weightlifters have had confirmation that they will be able to follow their Olympic dreams. The IWF released new Absolute Ranking lists which move them into qualifying slots.

Lisa Marie Schweizer (Germany) moves up after the removal of Loredana Toma due to Romania’s national suspension shuffled all of the qualifiers up a place.

Sarah Fischer (Austria) gets a slot in W+87 as there was no African athlete eligible, so the continental slot was reallocated.

Erkand Qerimaj (Albania) similarly benefited from there being no eligible Asian athlete in M81.

Amas Sidiskis (Lithuania) was promoted after Roman Zaitsev (Ukraine) withdrew.

Finally, Peter Nagy (Hungary) got a place in M+109 as there was no one to fill the African continental slot.

We are still waiting for confirmation of tripartite commission places in ten of the fourteen categories) and for news of potential national suspensions for Colombia (8 places) and Vietnam (three places)

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