I first came up with Weightlifting House when I found myself living in a house with 5 other weightlifters, all dedicated to the sport, all in love with the lifestyle. It dawned on me that we were living the life that so many weightlifting enthusiasts dreamt of. We trained together, ate together, watched weightlifting together… we really were a Weightlifting House.

I dreamt of ideas to turn Weightlifting House into something more than the walls and roof that made up our home. Originally we made Vlogs, documenting the most intense of max-out sessions. Eventually, when our time living together came to an end and everyone joined the working world, I decided I would do everything I could to keep the Weightlifting House alive…

Here I am today, a few years after, hosting a successful podcast, writing and editing articles, selling amazing products, and doing my best to give to the rest of the weightlifting community what I was fortunate enough to experience in the original Weightlifting House with my best friends.