Athlete: Arley Mendez

Arley Mendez (born 31 December 1993) is a Chilean Weightlifter. Arley is the 2017 World Weightlifting Champion in the 85 kg class where he successfully defeated the somewhat injured Olympic Champion Kianosh Rostami with a 175 kg snatch, a 203 kg clean and jerk, a 378 kg total and a very close attempt at a new world record 221 kg clean and jerk on his 3rd attempt.

At the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships an injured Arley Mendez competed in the heavier and new 89 kg class where he placed a disappointing 5th with a 169 kg snatch, a 200 kg clean and jerk, and a 369 kg total.

Las Vegas International 2019 Results

Men’s Results: Las Vegas International Open 2019

Back to main results The Las Vegas International open takes place this weekend: March 7th – 10th. Joining the 45 USA weightlifters who are using this as one of the six mandatory competitions needed to fulfill the Tokyo Olympics qualification system (our qualification guide can be found here) are over 30 international lifters. 55 kg …

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