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Shi Zhiyong Takes Over Chinese Nationals, and Doppelgängers are in the IWF | WL News

This week in weightlifting A report by the World Anti-Doping Agency Intelligence and Investigations department has revealed new allegations of methods used to avoid positive tests in weightlifting. Chinese Nationals saw multiple unofficial world records and highly contested battles The elite athletes of the sport continue to train hard in spite of continued uncertainness Time […]

Lu Xiaojun's Unofficial World Record & Clarence Kennedy Reclaims his 0 | WL News

Lu Xiaojun’s Unofficial World Record & Clarence Reclaims his 0 | WL News

At 36 years of age, Lu Xiaojun exceeded the World Record yet again in training. Clarence Kennedy graced us with some highlights from his last few months of training, and WADA has forced the IWF’s hand to start on the path of retesting 130 hidden samples. Timestamp: 00:00 – Intro01:06 – 130 Hidden Doping Results03:43 […]

Weightlifting News Show featuring Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and many world records

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao Powers, & Huge WR Jerks | WL News Show 07/02/20

This week we saw multiple unofficial world record jerks, as well as a 146kg unofficial WR snatch by 61kg He Yueji. Lu Xiaojun (81) and Tian Tao (96) hit some heavy power snatches, though no one is yet to catch a 160kg power snatch higher than Boady Santavy (96) who threw down his new PR […]

Lasha Talakhadze and Lu Xiaojun at the 2019 World Championships training hall

Inside The Weightlifting World Championships Training Hall | Day 1

This is part one in the new Weightlifting House YouTube series where we take you into the most competitive, most elite training hall in the world at the Weightlifting World Championships 2019. Each day hundreds of the greatest weightlifters in the world, and a small handful of the greatest of all-time, train side by side, […]

Lu Xiaojun PR Total sends him to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

WL News | Lu Xiaojun’s Ticket To Tokyo, & A Change To The Third Period

The weightlifting news from this week (March 5th – 11th) includes: The cancellation of three out of five continental championships A timeline of all IWF Corruption allegations Lu Xiaojun’s ticket to the Olympics Big lifts from around the world, including Koha’s return to peak form You can listen to the full episode of the news […]

Lu Xiaojun discusses his 207kg clean and jerk world record in an interview with weightlifting house

Lu Xiaojun Relives his 207kg World Record | WH Interview Part 2

10 years after his first world title in 2009 aged 25, Lu Xiaojun won the 2019 World championships. Despite pulling his back during the snatches, Lu went on to hit a competition personal record at 207kg to maintain his title as world champion and set new world records in the clean and jerk and total. […]

Lu Xiaojun and Tian Tao Chinese Training Session at the 2019 World Championships

Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, Yang Zhe, Heavy Training Session | 2019 WWC

Whilst at the 2019 World Championships we filmed a full training session featuring the three world record holders Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and Yang Zhe. Lu Xiaojun (81), eleven-time world record holder, Olympic champion, and five-time World Champion, worked up in the back squat to a heavy single of 270 kg, 35 kg less than […]

Team China weightlifting compete in Tramelan, Shi Zhiyong topless as the photo

China’s A-Team head to Switzerland for 49th ‘Challenge 210’

The 49th ‘Challenge 210’ takes place next week in Tramelan, Switzerland, October 24-27th. This competition is a bronze tier qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and acts as one of the six necessary competitions that can fulfill qualification. Amongst those on the start list for this competition are China’s A-team, a team that comprises […]

Chinese weightlifter ad world champion Lu Xiaojun snatches 170 kg in training

Lu Xiaojun 170 kg Snatch

34 year old Lu Xiaojun (CHN-81) has once again snatch 170 kg, a weight that acts as the bench mark for the most exceptional in the 77/81 kg weight classes. Lu Xiaojun has snatched 170 kg or more 16 times in competition, something that no other athlete at his body weight has even come close […]