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Leather Belt 2.0

$109.99 AUD

The House Belt 2.0 is our strongest, most classic Olympic weightlifting belt yet.


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The House Belt 2.0 includes 10 sets of holes set at 1 inch apart to allow for an individual fit. Our premium leather and soft suede inner padding also allows for a better fit, molding to your body and specific positions over time.


Our two-prong buckle system not only improves the strength and security of the belt, but it increases the longevity of the belt. A stronger belt means better transference of force from the lower half of your body through to the barbell.


The House Belt 2.0 is an upgrade on an already very supportive belt. Designed by weightlifters for weightlifters, this belt can help you to lift more in the competitive lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk, as well as important accessory lifts like the back squat, front squat, push press and deadlift variations.


Our premium materials are there to optimize the strength of the House Belt 2.0. We have used tough premium cowhide leather along with soft suede inner padding. The steel buckle is thicker and more robust than our previous House Belt.


After strength and support we focus on comfort. The House Belt 2.0 has an early taper compared to other belts on the market from a 10cm width to a 6cm width in order to reduce pinching around the waist. 


We have added a thick white W|H logo on the back of our belt, as well as engravings on the two white loops that read WEIGHTLIFTING HOUSE. It’s the little things…


The House Belt 2.0 complies with International Weightlifting Federation rules so you can use it at all levels of competition.

Choosing the right size:

Please watch this short video to understand how to get the best waist measurement.

Our Mission

Our north star has always been, and will always be, to bring the sport of weightlifting closer to its fans, athletes, and coaches. To do that we funnel all of our sales into the creation of content that helps grow the sport. By choosing Weightlifting House, you support the growth of our sport. 

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