The Elite Straps

$40.99 AUD

The Weightlifting House elite straps are tough, have a little bit extra length to ensure you feel connected to the barbell, and come with neoprene padding that sits gently around the back of the wrist.

The additional length makes them perfect for anyone who uses straps beyond just the snatch, but also for pulls, RDLs, deadlifts, and other heavier strength variation exercises. To accommodate for the additional load and general use that these straps can undertake, we have added a layer of neoprene padding that removes any rubbing or pinching on the back of the wrists.

We have upgraded our straps to use one-inch width dual-ply cotton polyester and used kevlar stitching to ensure the straps stay strong and continue performing well session after session, training cycle after training cycle.

  • Quick-release straps
  • 3D printed debossed Weightlifting House logo
  • Neoprene padding to improve comfort
  • One inch width dual-ply cotton polyester blend
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Authentic Chinese style weightlifting straps

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