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The Glenn Pendlay Method

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Glenn Pendlay is arguably the most successful and influential coach in the history of weightlifting in the USA. He produced over a hundred national champions from youth to senior level, as well as multiple Pan American Championships and Games medalists. 

In this 216-page book, Seb Ostrowicz, the founder of Weightlifting House, describes in detail Glenn’s philosophy and practice of weightlifting coaching. Along with ideas from Glenn’s writings and the many podcasts they recorded together, Seb shares his personal insights into Glenn’s unique approach.

The book will take you from the three pillars that Glenn held to be fundamental to weightlifting training, to the specifics of methods that he applied while working with athletes. 

Fundamentally, this book is educational, explaining and analysing the methods that Glenn used to develop such incredible lifters as frequently as he did.

Whether you are a coach or an athlete, this book is filled with valuable information that will make you think about how you can do things better.

Click here to watch Brian Chamber’s review “possibly the greatest Weightlifting book to ever of been written”.

Topics covered include:

  • Biography of Glenn Pendlay
  • Glenn’s philosophy of coaching
  • Methods of strength training
  • Athlete categorisation
  • Training cycle length
  • Example cycles
  • Squats
  • From snatches to deadlifts
  • EMOM (every minute on the minute) sets
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Isometrics
  • Bands
  • Learning the lifts
  • Example training programme

When I first considered the possibility of writing a book about weightlifting, I decided I definitely wanted it to be something that a total beginner could read and feel comfortable with. Feel like he or she could apply the information directly to planning the next workout, or week of workouts, and actually have an understanding of the process of developing a training process, and training. Demystify the process, so to speak. Glenn Pendlay (September 2012 blog)

In this book I hope to have done as Glenn had always aimed to do, and create as accurate and detailed a description of the Pendlay method as possible, ensuring it not only makes sense to the beginner who is eager to understand the formulation and evolution of a training programme across time, but also to the advanced coaches and athletes who want to challenge and push themselves to understand the intricacies that make good athletes exceptional.’ – Seb Ostrowicz



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2 reviews for The Glenn Pendlay Method

  1. Luke m

    Brilliant read. After a few years of not reading ( been far too busy) I decided to start reading this book. Its by far my favourite that i’ve read in a good while!!
    As a lifter myself, it was interesting to know how / why methods works and Glenn came to the conclusion of them. My other fear when I first picked this book up was that i wouldn’t understand any of the terms/ references ect, but Seb did a fantastic job making it simple for dummies like myself. Once again, a brilliant book and I would 100% recommend 🙂

  2. Ash

    So where to begin? I have a weird fascination with reading about the history of the pursuit of strength in general. Many books and websites exist with such content that provide both an wealth of knowledge and the collection of experiences on the history of strength sports and strength training as a whole. While consuming such information I came across an article which was written by Glenn Pendlay and knowing that he was involved with another book that I own – Practical Programming – I sought out any knowledge he had to share. I began searching up more of his articles in order to try and learn or at least to try and appreciate the information he had presented and that is when I came across the news that Glenn had sadly passed away. Not too long after that, I discovered there was a book – The Glenn Pendlay Method – which I then later found on this website.

    Having no familiarity with the author Seb Ostrowicz or this website in general, I took a gamble and made the purchase and it paid off. The book is a gold mine of information, even if you are someone who is already familiar with some of the concepts due to being exposed to some of them through other sources on the subject. From understanding the SRA method to learning the lifts, the book provides enough information to get one started in weightlifting. More importantly, the author has also provided us with a nice little insight into the kind of person Glenn was. His laser focus. His intelligence. His passion towards the sport. Glenn comes across as a rarity with his devotion to always better himself so he can in turn impart that knowledge onto those he seeks to better as well.

    There are few books I recommend to people these days when they ask about knowledge on strength training and weightlifting – since most people are generally terrified when you recommend the huge textbooks available – but I can safely say that ‘The Glenn Pendlay Method’ is one that I would have no problem recommending to anyone seeking to get started in the sport or lifting in general. It will provide them with a window with which to peek into the world of strength sports and training, and on top of that we get to understand a person that I would refer to as a hidden gem within such a world, Glenn Pendlay.

    Thank you to both Weightlifting House and more importantly Seb Ostrowicz. You have achieved exactly what you had set out to do with this work.

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